Written by: Michael Placencia & Victoria Garces

Directed by Chris Muir and Carlos Lopez Estrada, Porter Robinson’s “Something Comforting” track off his upcoming album, Nurture, is now a reality thanks to this beautifully done music video. If you’ve read our previous review of this track (which you can read here) then you’ll have a strong idea of the inner struggles Porter was facing from 2015-early 2017. He was having an inner battle within himself if you will. But he put a lot of that emotion into what you will see below. He continues with almost the same setup from his “Get Your Wish” music video, but this time in a new World if you will. We’ve grown to especially appreciate the level of detail Porter puts just within a mere music video. With making an original concept all his own, Porter has given us the next tale from the Nurture album. Only one can wonder what the next story will be.

Many theories have been coming up about the Nurture album and what Porter Robinson has in store for it. The most common one is that his album has an elemental theme to it. When you go to his official website you can play in what essentially is mini-worlds in the Nurture world he’s building.

The 2 out of 4 worlds you encounter is ‘Get Your Wish‘ and to the right of it is ‘Something Comforting’. The speculation is ‘Get Your Wish’ is Water and ‘Something Comforting’ is Earth. The next two tracks will deal with Fire and Air. With an album title like Nurture, the theory could possibly be correct but we anxiously wait Porter’s next move. Whether it be late night streams on Twitch or hours in a Youtube chat before a premiere, we’re with him every step of the way.

For more Porter, follow him on his socials below

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