Article Written by Nathen Lane

12th Planet releases a 4-track EP, Next Level, on Disciple Records.

The iconic dubstep engineer, 12th Planet, has yet again shown us what he has been cooking up in the studio. With hope-filled build ups and massive drops; it’s without a doubt 12th is sitting on some heat waiting to be played live. When this quarantine is over, there will be so much good music waiting to be played on some high-definition sound rigs.

The first track off the EP is called, “Opus in E minor,” which starts off with a voice talking about time travel and a portal opening to another universe. The track is met with an eerie build up, only to be met with massive womps; as many know from 12th’s sound. This 4-minute track takes me on a journey into my own mind whenever I listen to it.

Taken From 12th Planet’s Facebook

The next track off the Next Level EP, is Johns’ collaboration with Protohype, “Dystopia.” The songs build ups take you on a ride to the front of the rail; where you’re met face to face with the huge womps from both artists sounds. I love this song for the fact it makes me want to let out any anger I have on the dance floor and rage with all my friends.

The third track off the 12th Planets EP is, “Shipwreck’d.” The song consists of sounds that reminded me of the OG dubstep days; when UKF Dubstep was pushing out heaters from Foreign Beggars and other iconic artists from 2009-2010. The drops are met with 12th’s exclusive dubstep sounds that are ready to rip you apart every time you hear them.

Taken from 12th Planet’s Facebook

The last track off the EP is “World Builder.” This was easily my favorite track off the EP, for the build up was my favorite and got me jumping on my feet in anticipation for the drop. The drops themselves are huge; with massive womps from the man himself; along with pit-splitting screeches and video-game like sounds to really bring the track together. I definitely want to hear this one played at the next show (whenever that is).

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