Written by Isaiah Campbell

Out of nowhere, Fransis Derelle announced earlier this month that he’d be releasing a new EP on Kayzo‘s label, Welcome Records. Well, now it’s here. It’s heavy, it’s loud, and it’s quite the wild ride. Get ready for mayhem.

“Forget Me” w/ AFTERMYFALL

The title track, “Forget Me” with AFTERMYFALL, is a genre-breaker, implementing a heavy metal vocal line, as well as a metal drum and guitar breakdown throughout the track. The drops are equally as heavy but in its own electronic style. There is an underlying melody that’s not overpowering but subtle enough to compliment each element of the track. Overall, “Forget Me” is amazing.

“No Survivors” w/ Hopsteady, Blosso, and AFTERMYFALL

Fitting well with the title track, “No Survivors” is chock full of metal breaks, a melodic undertone, and a couple of heavy drops spread out along the way. It’d be foolish to say that both of these tracks sound the same, because they are not. They compliment each other in a variety of ways but harness various elements differently for a unique experience. The first drop for “No Survivors” is heavy, and can be considered a certified banger, but listen in for the second drop and one will be surprised with a psy-trance drop that would be sure to make any listener want to jump around and dance with the beat, rather than headbang. “No Survivors” is a perfectly rounded track and should be put in any electronic music fan’s playlist.

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Posted by:Dee Jay Soup

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