Dion Timmer‘s always been able to put together some of the most creative pieces, and whether the medium is clothing or music, he’ll still put out beautiful, fully fleshed out work. On March 27th, Dion dropped his debut album, ENTER ACHROMA, after putting 3 years of his life and soul into perfecting every corner possible. From the beautifully-slow “I Know You’re There (ft. Azuria Sky)” to the eerie, dystopian-feeling “Torn Up (ft. Sullivan King)”, ENTER ACHROMA is filled to the brim with tracks that evoke emotion, while simultaneously begging you to express them, whatever they may be.

Songs like “Vertical (ft. The Arcturians)” and “I Know You’re There (ft. Azuria Sky)” are such beautiful vocal-heavy tracks that WILL make you feel some type of way. Where “Vertical” goes for more of a groove, “I Know You’re There” goes all-in on slow and beautiful. It had me slow-dancing with the air. “Sandman Sleeps (ft. Veronica Eileen)”, “I Don’t Miss You (ft. Tasha Baxter)”, and “The Way She Lies” all still keep the vocal dominance, but opt for more of a choppy, gritty sound that dominates the drops (and your face, probably). There’s so many more tracks (14 TOTAL!!) that you’re bound to find something to slap on replay, and tracks like “Companion (ft. The Arcturians), “Midnight Zone (ft. Devon Dalgarno),” “Torn Up (ft. Sullivan King),” “Sanctuary,” and “I Know You’re There (ft. Azuria Sky)” each bring something unique to the album, and I couldn’t help but listen to each multiple times.



Posted by:Chase Wilson

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