Article Written by Nathen Lane

Kompany and Effin just released a collaboration, “Chunky,” off Never Say Die Records!

attached-chunky-1Photo Taken by Nathen Lane

The track is one of many heaters set to hit and climb the charts on this week of releases. “Chunky” is compiled of a meticulous blend of both iconic bass-heavy sounds, with parts throughout that make you want to rip someones heart out in the pit (not literally, chill). You can distinguish both artists style within those sounds to really bring this track together; as if it adds to how chunky and beefy this song is.

Photo Taken from Kompany’s Twitter

This is definitely one I’m going to be keeping in my playlists as the bass slaps the ground just as hard as it had the first time you hear this song. Get ready for some bone-chilling dubstep.


Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | SoundCloud | Spotify


Facebook | Instagram | Twitter| SoundCloud| Spotify

Posted by:Nathen Lane, TRILLVO

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