Coming in HOT during this quarantine edition of New Music Friday is SULLY, with his Brainstorm EP. Out now on every alien’s favorite label of free form, Wakaan. This marks his first release of 2020 and he held nothing back, packing the EP to the brim with FIVE tracks! So lets dive in…

Starting off quickly wiring you into the mainframe…the build up quickly downloads the “pain” as the drop forces a system reset once the beat installs itself into your eardrums. Brain easily sets the tone of what’s to come with the rest of the EP.

 Teaming up with Detre, “Lane Switch” starts off mysteriously as the vocals hit while the beat echoes in the back before dipping into some wubs. The vocal is repeated as a build comes in to epically flip the track upside down on the drop, as it frantically juxtaposes tones all over the sound scape.

“Dunk” starts off with a very explorative tone, as if a wide open space is before you wanting for you to step forward. As you step out that comforting feeling is lost as the unknown is presented before you. The first drop fades out as if being consumed by a black hole, returning you briefly to the comforting familiarity of the intro. Once the second drop hits though you’re taken back through the apex as the sounds twist and turn in beautiful synchrony. This track was EASILY my favorite off the EP.


Image from Sully Facebook

Keeping you in Outer Space “Stuntin” starts off hitting right into the inter-dimensional wubs we’ve all come to love from Wakaan. Its hard to keep your body still once this drop hits as it just forces you to move and bob along to it. I can easily see this one being played out at fests and seeing the whole crowd just moving in unison to the wubby bounce.

Ending out the EP, “Suction Cup” starts off with a heavy feeling of anticipation. You know as soon as that first bass hits something HEAVY is coming with this track. It sure does not disappoint. The whole track sort of gave me like mystical ancient Egyptian vibes, it has some sort of magic to it that I just wanted more of.

“This EP has been a brainchild I have been curating ever since I joined the Wakaan Family. I first saw Martin (Liquid Stranger) play in 2017 at Electric Forest and I was immediately inspired to begin curating a style of music that would fit with the Wakaan community. I want to wrap my hard hitting drums, erie melodies, and complex sound design into one package to create a fresh and diverse listening experience.” – Sully


Image from Sully Facebook

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Posted by:Daniel Wolfrum

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