Written by Victoria Garces

When creating an album, you put your heart and soul into. In this case, JOYRYDE put his whole back into it. The artist suffered an intense back injury 2 years ago while writing BRAVE and it changed his life forever.

picture taken by Koury Angelo

Having to push through an excruciating Ultra set back in 2017, his mindset had started to change. Being doped up on prescribed opioids and other medication, JOYRYDE found it very difficult to write songs and often had difficulties remembering what he did in the studio. He tried his best throughout those tough times but he only kept disappointing himself. After some time and lowering prescriptions, his eccentric grooves started coming back to him and the it started a flow of creativity. Putting out singles like “IM GONE,” “YUCK,” “MADDEN,” and “SELECTA 19,” before the album created waves through out the community. The anticipation for the complete project grew and grew. After delays and label changes, the project that is BRAVE is now out on Hard Records.

Most people think this is JOYRYDE‘s X-ray on the cover of the album, it’s actually Frida Khalo‘s X-ray. He researched other artists that went through a similar situation with what he did and found the story of Khalo inspiring and made it the album cover of BRAVE.

Let’s dive into the album and see where this JOYRYDE take us.

The intro to BRAVE is one of a kind. “PRE OP” starts off with the crowd cheering and JOYRYDE saying his goodbye’s on stage. Then goes into a doctor starting an anesthesia process and counting backwards from 10, transitioning STRAIGHT into “ON FIRE,” a tropical house feel accompanied by the signature JOYRYDE percussion that we know and love. I feel like this is really symbolic in a sense that JOYRYDE went straight into creating the album even thought he had just been in surgery a couple weeks prior.

You can hear all the different influences throughout the album. JOYRYDE has features from a ton of different Hip Hop lyricists such as Mika Means in “GOT REAL,” MAJILLA in “THRILL,” Fze in “FOCUS” and “MILK,” and Nolay in “I SLAY.” From the motivational speech in “FAIL ME” to the groovy House tracks like “BROOKLYN” and “4AM,” with it’s iconic sample from “Darkest Light,” this album really doesn’t miss a beat. The 2 year long wait and built up anticipation was all worth it for this amazing masterpiece.

A personal favorite of mine is “DAMN” with Freddie Gibbs. This track is “that one JOYRYDE track” that everyone recognizes. It’s actually been out for about 3 years on Soundcloud and I believe is a staple in the RYDR world. To have it be a ‘bonus track’ on the album was truly the cherry on top. Gibbs’ rhythm just fits perfectly with the track and is an honest to God BANGER. You a real one for putting this on the album JOYRYDE, thank you.

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Posted by:Victoria Garces

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