Written by Sina Watson

Amongst the soundscapes of the everyday mundane emerges a new sound and project, Distinct Minds. The project is a direct depart from the duo’s typical melodic house and techno sound that explores indie/synth-driven electronic sounds. Their first release “Wanderer,” is a manifestation of the duo’s vision of 80’s influenced dreamscapes. The track is guided by synths while a warm and nostalgic vocal carries the listener through.

The duo has also released a lyrical video that emulates the feeling of an 80’s video game on acid.  The main character  wanders through ever changing landscapes while the Distinct Mind‘s logo comes together in the background. The video is a fantastic representation and sneak preview into the project’s core theme and identity.

While the identities of Distinct Minds remains a mystery, be sure to look for their link-circle logo on their upcoming releases. All of the project’s artwork has been masterfully crafted by digital artist Indigo, known for their vintage and psychedelic creations.


Currently, the duo is in the studio to finish recording their entire album live with some cool visual projection elements.  Their second release “Mirrors,”  is set to release in May. I’m really excited to see this project’s progression as both a fan of their synths and scenes.

Connect with Distinct Minds

SoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram | Website

Posted by:Sina Watson

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