Written by Sina Watson

Two of Houses musics rising stars OMNOM and VNSSA have finally released their debut collaboration, “Skin,” and its a perfect blend of each’s talents. Both artists have seen increasing success in the scene with releases on major house labels, Box of Cats, Dirtybird, House of Hustle, and more. After massive break-out years, it was only time before they got together for a “rave bomb.” For those of you that attended EDC Orlando in November (remember festivals….), you were there for a very special moment between the long time artists and friends, as they played out and previewed the track.

Taken from VNSSA Facebook

After listening to the official premiere of the track on Walker and Royce’s radio show last week, I was eager for it’s official release. “Skin,” starts off with that signature bassline sound only OMNOM can make, before VNSSA’s haunting vocals capture the listeners attention. The lyrics are a vast departure from OMNOM‘s usual ridiculousness, and gives us something to think about during our social distancing.

“You don’t have to know my name, when the skin’s all gone we’ll look the same.”

Both artists have been staying busy during their quarantine. OMNOM recently took a break from building his Animal Crossing Empire, to play Insomniac’s HARD SUMMER Staycation for a crowd of over 24k people.  Armed with a Lysol quarentini and fase mask, he teased us with old and new bangers alike, converting listeners into new fans. You can rewatch his 30-minute set on Youtube here.


As for the “Quarenine Queen,” herself, VNSSA released her “Kinda Doing Stuff Kinda Not Mix” Vol.1 last month which is perfect for listening AT HOME. Along with the mix, she has been staying engaged with her fans while she hosts a series on IG Live. This week’s episode will feature a special guest to teach some Tech-House Basics.

When its finally our time to return to the dancefloor, “Skin,” is sure to solidify its place in every house set. But, until then, I’ll stay jamming out in my house while I work on my self-care and skin-care routine.

Listen to “Skin,” out now on Insomniac Records.

Connect with OMNOM

SoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Connect with VNSSA

SoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


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