ARTICLE UPDATE: It has come to our attention PHOENIX paid for this track to be ghost produced. For a funny ready on his “inspiration” though continue with the article 

A deep, in-depth story tied in with beautiful, emotion-evoking music, ‘Arcadia’ becomes an absolutely mesmerizing juxtaposition of dark and light through the fall of Arcadia and the heart-warming, hope-inducing sounds found within. PHEONIX & Alex Voltz, alongside Asil and Kuhteeuh, merge story with song to create a multi-layered masterpiece that feeds both readers and listeners alike.

We asked PHEONIX for what the story is inside Arcadia, and it goes as followed:

“A girl coming to this city of paradise with some artists (namely Dredhok, Archmage, MetalliK, Bvrnt, among others) to get away from the ravaging laws of the world. The song takes you through them finding the city (the intro), going through the city (the drop), the systems keeping this illusion of the city active failing (the break), the AI attacking (the 2nd drop, which will be done soon), and finally realizing this has all been a recording and that girl warning the listener of the aftermath of the AI’s takeover. This collab went from an idea 2 years ago to a community driven powerhouse up until now.”

Starting in 2006, Tyler Gibbard a.k.a. PHEONIX dabbled in electronic influences before even knowing what electronic was. Not satisfied with contemporary music any longer, and the lack of reality and actuality within, he aimed at creating stories that resonates with people. He found a Skrillex video called ‘Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites‘, which spurred him to learn how to make electronic music and truly seize his creative potential. He struggled with production for 8 years before eventually finding his niche with ‘Svelah‘, a collaboration with Alex Voltz, and found complete and total acceptance and became an inspiration for numerous underground artists. He continues to push the bar forward with forward thinking and imaginative storylines. Nowadays, PHEONIX finds himself inspired by the likes of Alex Voltz, Jvmpskare, Dredhok, Dragon Flare, and Kai Wachi. He dreams of collaborating with MUSTDIE!, one of Houston’s very own. To top it off, PHEONIX has love for both the greats and the underground, and his fans might not be too surprised to know that he genuinely supports and loves all he can. In an industry with enough love to share but seemingly too shy to give, PHEONIX is one hell of a bright spot.

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Posted by:Chase Wilson

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