Rezz and Grabbitz‘ hyped-up new collaboration, “Someone Else,” finally dropped, and it’s everything we’ve been waiting for! Both talented artists shine on the track, with Rezz‘ signature sound and Grabbitz‘ expertise regarding the use of vocals on full display for the world to hear. We’re not sure how long this was in the works for, or even how the pair got into the collab, but one thing is for certain: “Someone Else” won’t mince words, and the groove it leaves you with will have you looking for part 2.

Rezz and Grabbitz both aren’t new to using guitar in their songs, and I can probably name you a couple Rezz tracks where you’ll hear one. This helps create a natural feeling of raw and openness, and paired with the vocals, you get a strong telling of a story about a seemingly two-faced narcissist who has the protagonist questioning everything. The drops will have you cock your neck back and forth 4 times on beat before getting into the thick of it, and that’s based on personal experience. Everything done on this track masterfully ties in to one another, from the rock influences to Rezz’ own slow and heavy sound, making “Someone Else” a catchy, mid-tempo/rock must-listen.

Make sure to give each artist a follow as well, as “Someone Else” wouldn’t have the same impactful vocals OR heavy-hitting beat without these two. Probably wouldn’t even be here, and we’d all be missing out.

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Posted by:Chase Wilson

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