TLX is a up and coming producer and DJ hailing from Los Angeles, California. He’s been supported by heavy hitters like 4B, Gravedgr and SAYMYNAME, just to name a few. Not to mention he has even already went international and played out some shows in Japan. He describes his sounds as “Real trap Shit. 808s and Jersey breaks,” but he is no stranger to ALL genres of EDM and has a special love for hip hop as well.

Pictures taken from TLX facebook page

Wasting no time what so ever, TLX, draws in your FULL attention early on “DAMN.” Some ominous horns do the work as the beat builds behind a heavy hitting snare while the bass creeps up on you to set the scene. Once the drop hits it’ll leave any trap head saying DAMMMMMNNNN as they throw bows to the classic trap vibes that TLX twists into his own unique style.

Peep our latest release with TLX OUT NOW!


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Posted by:Daniel Wolfrum

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