Written by Sina Watson

Bristol born DJ Will Clarke is wasting no time in 2020 to solidify his new label All We Have is Now, as a force to be reckoned with. Within the first month of the new year, he revealed his first track “U Take Me Higher,” which set the tone for the label. Since then, it has reached over 1 million listens on Spotify and continues to be played out in major House artists live-streams.

His second release, “Hallelujah, delves deeper into techno influences. The powerful use of kick drums transforms Candi Saton’s iconic vocals from the 2012 single “Hallelujah Anyway,” into a techno anthem. Once its time to return to the dance floor, “Hallulujah,” is guaranteed to move you on the floor with its inspirational vocal sample and four on the floor beat.

Listen to “Hallelujah” OUT NOW on All We Have is Now.


Connect with Will Clarke

SoundCloud |Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Connect with All We Have is Now

SoundCloud |Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Check out our past interview with Will Clarke!

Posted by:Sina Watson

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