Article & Photos by Nathen Lane

Infekt releases a massive 6-track EP called, “Disruption,” on Disciple Round Table. Along with the EP, Infekt did a little mini-mix with the songs in the EP previous the release. With most of the world staying in their homes, it’s been giving everyone more time to focus on their sound and style; and I’m all for it.

The EP had very similar characteristics throughout each track. You can definitely hear Infekt‘s style and sound changing and evolving as he dives deeper into his own sound. I really enjoyed listening to Infekt‘s, “Disruption,” EP. One of the tracks that really drew me in the most was “Hibernation.” The song consists of rhythmic sounds and noises that made me feel as if I was in a video game. The drop has a beat that will be sure to keep you dancing around your room during this pandemic; and long after that. The EP was also accompanied with a 30 minute mix from Infekt himself on Disciple Round Table’s Souncloud. The mix has crazy doubles all throughout for absolute madness of a mix. Infekt‘s “Disruption” EP is definitely one to give a listen to.

Be sure to give the “Disruption” EP a listen to see what Infekt has been whipping up in the studio.

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Posted by:Nathen Lane, TRILLVO

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