Article Written & Pictures Taken by Nathen Lane

Cory Artsay or as many know as Megalodon, releases monstrous EP, “Genetics,” off Never Say Die: Black Label.

The iconic dubstep DJ and sound engineer, Megalodon, has put out another wave of songs that will keep you on your toes; or at the rail. Cory is constantly evolving his sound; as this EP was one to show what path he is taking with his music. The songs included in the “Genetics” EP all have their own style, while incorporating Megalodon‘s sound to create a meticulous EP by one of the dons of dubstep. Along with the EP was a collaboration between Cory and an artist by the name of Jool called, “Drop Dead.” The song consists of middle-eastern beats that bring me back to a video game I used to play that took place in Egypt long ago. The drop is one that I can promise will have people throwing elbows in the moshpit.

Overall, I think the EP is a must to take a listen to. With high-intensity build-ups and Megalodon‘s signature sound; the EP is sure to be added to your playlists.

Be sure to give the “Genetics” EP a full listen to so you can see with the Shark has been making in his cave.

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Posted by:Nathen Lane, TRILLVO

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