Harking back to the classic days of the late 90’s and early 2000’s rave culture, Night Mode artist HELLBOUND! is dedicated to “RESURRECT THE RAVE.” His newest track “Party” absolutely brings that bit of nostalgia into the modern era of dance music.  Between the classic feel of a 130 BPM groove, a driving bassline and an old school vocal track, “Party” transports us back to the days of underground warehouse raves and backyard parties.

Taken from HELLBOUND Instagram

HELLBOUND! is able to put a modern spin on that nostalgic vibe that is sure to bring in fans from all backgrounds.  HELLBOUND! “wanted to create something that would smash clubs and festivals but also be true to my sound and vision,” and he delivers that with ease.  Make sure you keep your ear out for his newest single and save room for me on the dance-floor!

Listen to “Party” out now on Night Mode.

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Posted by:robertblue

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