The song that almost never was.

This track was reveled in the inaugural LSDREAM R.A.V.E. Cave on his twitch channel. Z-Trip also teased it out on the Insomniac Nocturnal Wonderland livestream. Apparently the two originally had no plans to release the track. Due to the overwhelming response of all the PLAMPers and Funkonauts tuning in though, the duo decided it was a no brainer and dropped the track for all our pleasure this past Friday!

Starting right into a intergalactic groove that gives off immediate
“Space Funk” vibes, ala Daft Punk if you will, the collaboration of LSDREAM and Z-Trip fully embodies the Spaceadelic soundscape they were aiming for. The smooth bass, and a clap that hits just right, sets the mood early to have your body bobbin back and forth to this technological tune. A synth comes over top to further pull you in before the modulated Funk-bot 2000 vocals come in to take center stage and provide your brain something to focus in on.

It wouldn’t be a true funk tune without a breaks section though and we get just that with a brief, but sweet, pitched up keyboard sounding solo. The vocals come back in, with their wild talk-box sounding effects, to have a playful banter with the newly established groove while the track comes full circle and rounds itself out extra tranquil.

With a song this sweet you know they had to drop some merch to go along with it. head on over to LSDREAMS merch shop and cop you one of these limited shirts while supplies last!



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Facebook | Soundcloud | Spotify | Twitter | Instagram

Posted by:Daniel Wolfrum

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