Written by Sina Watson

2 years ago today, the music world lost one of its most influential artists. On April 20, 2018 news broke that Swedish Dj/Producer Avicii had passed away. While Avicii may be gone from this world, his memory and music live on within the hearts of his fans. Although he is gone, his influence on my life continues whenever I listen to his music. Today is a day to celebrate the legacy Tim left behind. I put together a few ways to honor his memory today.

1. Donate to the Tim Bergling Foundation

The Tim Bergling Foundation was set up to posthumous in Tim’s honor to “advocate for the recognition of suicide as a global health emergency and promote removing the stigma attached to the discussion of mental health issues. The foundation will also support issues for which Tim had a passion such as climate change, preservation of endangered species and global hunger.”

You can donate here.

2. 24 Hours: A Tribute to Avicii

Aloe Bloc will be streaming live to share dedications to Tim and performances from fans as well as himself. Fans posted their cover versions of “Wake Me Up” and “SOS” with the tag #SingWithAloe . He then recorded duets with fans to share as tribute today.

3. Stream “Tim”

Last June the self-titled album “Tim,” was released posthumous with the help of

4. Share your Avicii Memories

The Avicii Memory board was set up as a safe space for fans to share their memories of Tim. The board is updated daily with notes from fans all over the world and is a beautiful reminder of Avicii’s influences across the world. Sometimes I go to the website when I am feeling down and read the messages to know that I am not alone.

“You accompanied me through so many life stages and whenever I think of some memories its always underlined with a song of yours. It’s still hurting that we’ll never hear or see something of you ever again. You were and still are a life changer and my personal hero. Thank you, Tim! ◢ ◤ ♥”


“In all my moments I’ve had music but nothing like Avicii. In my happiest moments In my saddest When I fell in love When I missed my friends When I had my friends Getting drunk and trying to be sober Through the loneliness When I missed my sister and needed my brother Avicii was there. Tim was there. He wrote the script to my life … to all our lives We love you Tim.. always and forever. ❤️❤️❤️

from CANDY

“You were the one who inspired me to live my life fully. These lines “He said one day you will leave this world behind, so live a life you will remember” are eternal. Thanks Avicii – we all miss you much brother”

“I found Tim’s music when I was at my lowest in life. I even considered ending my own life, but I never got to that point. Why? Because of Tim. I remember sitting in my room, crying, while serching for new music. I found ‘Without you’ and that song changed so many things. I listened to it, and my mind was blewen away. This day today, it feels like Tim when I hear it. It’s like he is talking through his music. That’s how I remember him, through his music Thank you for saving my life, Tim. Love u”


Write Tim a note here.

5. Rewatch the Avicii Tribute Concert

This might be the hardest one to watch today. In December artists came together to celebrate Tim’s life with a beautiful tribute concert. The tribute featured DJ performances by some of those closest to him including Kygo, Laidback Luke, and Nicky Romero. Additionally past vocalists preformed some of Avicii‘s greatest hits in renditions that struck chords in everyone’s hearts. Amanda Wilson‘s vocal performance of “Seek Bromance,” moved me to tears.

6. Listen to Your Favorite Avicii Mix/Set

Its no secret the healing power of Tim’s music. I often listen to him when I’m down and his melodies immediately bring a smile to my face. The last few days I have been digging deep into my Avicii library to listen to the moments of his that made me the happiest.

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Posted by:Sina Watson

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