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At midnight on April 23rd, 2020 G-Space (aka Grady) released Lucid Retreat his latest album.

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This album has everything you love about music in it, a slurry mix of instruments from harmonica to xylophone, smooth lyrical and rap parts, and so much more all over heavy hitting baselines. Lucid Retreat is a symphony of sound through an enormous range of genres overlaid and given to you in different ways; it is absolutely a must listen! In a little over 54 minutes you’ll listen as the emotions in the music slowly and masterfully turn throughout.

Cheers, to the second renaissance!

The album concept is about a place in the dreamworld that you can always return to, a lucid retreat. Think about it as the dream vacation. Go into the album with an open mind, there are no genres.


Grady has also put out 12 mixes since the Covid-19 quarantine, many of which were released back to back! (Daily for a number of days!) Almost 14 hours in new mixes, he released his Okeechobee 2020 set AND this incredible new album! G-SPACE has proven to be quite the virtuoso of our time; it is for this very reason I implore you to not only make time to listen to some of this music but also to make a little space in your heart for G-SPACE.

G-Space · Lucid Retreat (Full Album)

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Photo from G-SPACE Twitter


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