Houston-based Snxxz3, pronounced Snoozy, went on a musical tear recently, and amidst dropping 4 other tracks, the out-of-the-box “Hibernatin” was also released. Before you get the oddly-catchy “I be hibernatin” voice line stuck in your head, you might just barely hear the eagle screech layered behind it, which only foretells the unique combinations that Snxxz3 lays out throughout “Hibernatin.” Between “Hibernatin” and the 4 other smacker tracks Snxxz3 put out, you should have a nice, trap-filled day!

See? That eagle screech WAS foretelling the rest of the layout of “Hibernatin.” I haven’t had this much fun listening to a track in a while, and I genuinely feel a little more energized every time I slap the play button. That drop is so damn hype at certain points, yet at other times, it’s ice-cold chill and nice to just listen to the creativity exhibited. In my opinion, a track that can do both is an expertly-curated piece, and “Hibernatin” embodies that wholly.

Make sure to check out the rest of the tracks Snxxz3 dropped alongside “Hibernatin,” as well as seeing what he’s up to on his socials below!

Connect with Snxxz3

Soundcloud | Spotify| Instagram | Twitter


Posted by:Chase Wilson

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