Written by Sina Watson

Its been almost 3 years since Odesza released their vocal heavy album “A Moment Apart,” and July will mark the one year anniversary of their Final AMA Live show. Since then, the electronic duo has been relatively quiet and enjoying their much deserved rest after taking their live show across all of the corners of the earth… or so we thought.

At the beginning of the month, Odesza broke their musical silence by releasing their No. Sleep 12 mix. No. Sleep 12 is their first mix in almost 3 years since No. Sleep 11, which was released the month prior to their last album, ” A Moment Apart.” A single screenshot of the “NO.SLEEP-MIX.12” wav file sent fans (including myself… I literally almost passed out and my roommate was extremely concerned) into a frenzy.  A few days later they debuted the hour long mix on SoundCloud and Youtube.

The mix opened with an uplifting and inspiring message from Harrison’s mom before transitioning into Tourist‘s “Elixir.” Featuring breathtaking artwork from Victor Mosquerathe boys transported listeners far away from the craziness of the world into a blissful dream with tracks by CaribouFour Tet, Rufus Du Sol and more

Almost half-way through the mix, at about 25 minutes in, a never before heard track began to play with the lyrics “this loves a heart attack.” Looking at the tracklist posted by the artist on SoundCloud revealed it to be an ID. New Odesza?!

Flash forward to this past Sunday when Odesza tweeted that they had finished an album with Golden Features. The brand-new project is called Bronson after the Tom Hardy movie and the first two singles would be released soon.

Odesza’s Harrison Mills and Clay Knight first met Tom Stell known as Golden Features at a music festival in Perth back in 2014. There was an instant connection formed through friendship, music and trust. Harrison and Clay admits they had become drawn to the darker elements of dance music while Tom was interested by the soundscapes curated by his counterparts.

For the last 3 years they have shared sounds across time zones and oceans whenever something peaked their interest. After finishing their 2018 Australian tour, Harrison and Clay stayed behind a few days to work on music with Tom. Isolated in Berry, Australia, 3 hours from Syndey, the three locked themselves into a room together to begin creating magic. In the company of kangaroos and echidnas, they would spend countless hours in the studio creating.

Bronson is its own entity and something completely different from anything either artists has ever created. Listeners should not listen as Odesza and Golden Features, but as something entirely new. Embracing their newfound limitlessnessboth artists were no longer confined to the weight and expectations of their previous projects music.

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On April 28, 2020 they revealed two singles from the forthcoming album “Heart Attack” and “Vaults.” “Heart Attack,” was the ID heard during their No. Sleep 12 Mix and is a vast departure from both artists usual song. It was a breakthrough for their creative process and according to Harrison, they fell in love with the dreamy and sweetly addictive loop by vocalist Laura from Ultraista. “Vaults,” is an instrumental track that digs deeper into the trio’s newfound dark and edgier sound.

The full album is set to release July 17, 2020, almost exactly one year from the A Moment Apart Finale show.


Listen to “Heart Attack” and “Vaults” now.

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