“The strength of thousands, within the heart of a mouse.”

Artwork by @Dan_From_San on twitter

I was walking my dog when it started to drizzle, I scurry under a large gazebo at a local park seeking shelter. I check my phone and notice a new track has been posted by GHOST DATA as I click eagerly to listen as the rain picks up.

“I hope this song helps you find strength when things are hard.
We are here for you”

Somewhere between the heart felt cello parts, the upbeat mid-tempo feel, and the setting of it all; as I listened the first time I found solace from the chaos of the media even if for just a moment through sound. This track has jumped instantly to top of my favorite GHOST DATA songs I can’t wait to hear it live some day soon enough.

Ghost Data‘s release for Iron Mouse couldn’t have come at a better time as everyone could use more strength in these strange times. It also marks the 8th year anniversary of the Ghost Data.

Here’s a little of what he had to say…

text image from Ghost Data's Twitter

If you liked this track as much as i did be sure to check out his recent 17-track album and current masterpiece released back in early March.
“Cruel Chorography”


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