Written by Sina Watson

French DJ and Producer Habstrakt has been quite busy during his quarantine.  Unable to return to his home in France, the bass-house producer remained in Los Angeles, and has been using it to his advantage. He announced his “Bored as Fuck Tour,” which was streamed from different places in his home every Tuesday night on Twitch.

Last month, he celebrated his birthday during the stay at home order, on March 28th, with a massive 3 hour birthday mix with over 100 tracks.  Last week he appeared on Space Yacht Radio and Insomniac Radio with Co-Founder London Bridge to talk about his transition from dubstep to house music. Habstrakt dove into the recipe for his sets and sandwiching tech-house and house music between bangers for maximum sweetness.

Perhaps Habby’s biggest quarantine flex was his debut on Insomniac’s first HARD Summer Virtual Rave-a-thon. Although set times were drastically shorter than usual, he wasted no time in dropping not only 1, but 4 ID’s within his 20 minute set. Last week he released one of those IDs on Insomniac Records.

Show Me,” showcases his undeniable talent in merging his dubstep origins with his future in house music. The vocal sample kept egging me on to try and shuffle (something I can’t actually do), while the bass-house backtrack kept my booty bumping.  Unleashing his bass-house arsenal within the 3 minute track, “Show Me,” is guaranteed to secure his place as bass-house royalty.

Its Habby’s House and were all just shuffling in it.

Connect with Habstrakt

SoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


Posted by:Sina Watson

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