Written by Victoria Garces

If you see your favorite artist randomly promoting their music through Bandcamp specifically today, it’s not a weird hack or joke. The streaming and music mart has waived its fees towards artists today for a full 24-hours!

Normally Bandcamp collects 15% of music digitally (10% on physical goods), with them waiving those fees, artists are collecting way more revenue in these tough times and putting money straight into the artists pockets. CEO, Ethan Diamond, had done this before back on March 20th as an experiment and stated that music fans had spent 15 TIMES the amount ($4.3 million) than a typical Friday.

As COVID-19 continues to heavily impact the music industry, many different social media platforms have gone the extra length to incorporate some form of donation aspect. Spotify has added a ‘Tip Jar‘ feature, allowing fans to donate directly to their favorite artist. Facebook has started to launch ‘Stars‘, which is a currency on FB live to support your streamer. Even Twitch has grown tremendously for artists to stream and put their direct info (Cashapp, Venmo, etc) for people to donate.

With live events not being on hold for what seems like 2021, Diamond and the company hopes that this gesture can help. Don’t worry, Bandcamp plans on doing this 2 more times on June 5 and July 3, it will last from 12:00am to 11:59pm (PST) on each day!



Posted by:Victoria Garces

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