Written By: Chase Wilson

Once more, the talented genius that is Blanke just put out his hardest track to date, in his words. We’d have to agree, given the entire track builds into and off of itself in such a deadly manner that Blanke should’ve slapped a +18 only on it. The Australian-born artist has seen a meteoric rise over the past 2 years, and “Control” is, without a doubt in my mind, the perfect exclamation point.

Being met right off the bat with a crash and thrown straight into the build up, Blanke took absolutely no time in embodying you right into the meat of the first drop, consisting of a mostly riddim-style vibe. The second drop is where it gets just disgusting, and your subs WILL be begging for mercy at this point. However, if you thought that was rough, you’re allowed a quick break before the final boss makes his appearance. “IMA TURN IT UP,” says Blanke, watering plants while you slam your head into your imaginary rail.

Make sure to keep up with our favorite kind boy, who also goes by Blanke, as he’s always keeping his fans up to date with the things he’s doing and the things going on in his life. Also, if you like plants, this is your man.

Connect with Blanke

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Posted by:Chase Wilson

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