Written by Sina Watson

2020 might not be going the way many of us expected, but one producer has managed to seen the silver lining. MASTERIA has been extremely active and accessible to his fans, participating in multiple live-streams and also offering producer feedback.  The Detroit producer started the new year off strong with two releases, “Got To Know,” and “Do It,” which collectively have gathered almost 100k listens on Spotify. Riding the success of “Do It,” on Tchami’s CONFESSION label, MASTERIA returns home once again for his Underground EP, and he’s brought a new friend with him.

Taken from EKONOVAH Facebook

MASTERIA’S Underground, is a dark and mysterious playground featuring 3 tracks, including a collaboration with Arizona producer Ekonovah. The first track “Murder,” sets the scene with its murderous synths and gritty baselines accompanied with the “I Killed It, Its Murder” vocal sample. If anything the sample is a premonition for the rest of the EP, because MASTERIA has absolutely KILLED it on this one.

Next up is “Underground,” an anthem paying its respects to the underground dance music scene. The buildup perfectly sets up the booming bass to deliver the punchline for the “underground” vocal used through-out the track.

“Underground was one of the tracks where the vocals really spoke to me
on this EP. I’m all about the underground music in the dance scene, and that is
exactly the vibe I wanted to capture with these tracks” – MASTERIA

The final track “Elusive,”  is a collaboration with Phoenix based producer Ekonovah. This up an coming 22-year-old producer has caught the eye of major players in the electronic scene like Porter Robinson for his emphasis on musical integrity and danceable grooves. “Elusive,” is a softer sound on the EP and balances out the hardness of the first two tracks with melodies and synths that make for a fun and groovy track.

Its safe to say the only thing blowing up faster than my scale during quarantine is MASTERIA‘s traction.  Listen to MASTERIA’s “Underground EP” OUT NOW on Tchami’s CONFESSION label.


Connect with MASTERIA

SoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Connect with Ekonovah

SoundCloud |Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Posted by:Sina Watson

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