Hailing from the city of Los Angeles is DJ/Producer BRAVEAUX (pronounced “ Bra-Vo’). He began practicing guitar in middle school before moving into electronic music and production in 2016 with the hopes of bringing people together through music. Growing up, he discovered a passion for basketball and looked to his role model Kobe Bryant for inspiration during his journey through music. Kobe’s hard work and determination were the driving fundamentals behind his commitment to success.

His determination to succeed soon paid off when his “The Devil’s Den” remix caught the ears of Trap Legend Carnage & Hard Dance Heavy-hitter, GRAVEDGR. After playing the track out at both Parookaville and Hard Summer, it then went on to receive support from Acraze, Dirty Audio, and Rawtek.

Requiem is filled to the brim with mesmerizing build-ups, face-wrenching drops, and 808s proven to shake speakers down to their wires, all while maintaining the same combination of hype and drip BRAVEAUX has come to be known for. With support from legendary trap artists, as well as support from those taking over trap, BRAVEAUX is now looking to cement his spot in Trap and has certainly earned all eyes on him. 

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Requiem perfectly personifies it’s own title, as the three tracks in combination with each other create a ghastly, destructive, and downright lethal environment. “Bandit’s Secret” launches us off with sirens and an eerie beat, building up and dropping off into a goldmine of unique, intricate combinations of sounds. Titular track “Requiem” doubles-down and unleashes chilling grand-hall vocals combined with loud church bells, seemingly setting us down in a church touched by ruin and death. “The Spider” suspends and keeps you on edge, as if you truly are being held hostage in a giant spider’s enthralling web. Requiem as an EP is masterfully made, capturing and placing us all into a death-filled wasteland. BRAVEAUX’s mastermind continues to ensnare the masses on his journey through music.

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Posted by:Chase Wilson

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