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MeSo (AKA Kevin Lee out of Chicago) owner and operator of the Spicy Bois Record Label, released his debut 10 track album Fantasy early May 2020! A spicy packed release party stream took place featuring Blurrd Vzn, Jonnie Boi, CVPTVGON, RUVLO, and MeSo himself on the artist’s Twitch channel.

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This album is too amazing for any arrangement of words to do justice to it, only actually listening to it will suffice so I encourage you to do so ASAP!

That being said the album starts with Final Fantasy – Prelude  (MeSo Cover) his take on the infamous beautifully composed melody, from the game series, which serves to foreshadow the gorgeous aspects of this album in its loading screen-esque fashion. The following track was the teaser single released leading up to the album’s release and for good reason! Event Horizonquickly switches gears to a variety of different deep bass lines that begin to give the listener an idea of the production level involved with the album. In the third track AbyssMeSo seems to let loose into those Spicy grooves we’ve grown to love, that’s sure to make you wanna bounce at one point or another!

The fourth track is another display of the producer’s diversity, as he moves into a more elegant and melodic sound for Journey. “Fantasy” does an incredible job blending the weird with the gorgeous. The album continues that theme through the fifth track “Future Rider,” (2:53) which starts with a future bass feel and ends in a much more DNB vibe. Track six is a collaboration with Migz entitled “Slick Flair,” and is one of my favorite on the album. This track absolutely walks in with that flair and is the most house oriented song on Fantasy; I have always enjoyed those elements in MeSo’s performances; can’t wait to hear it LIVE!

“Order” is another collaboration, this time with SAGZ, that is a melding of those intense spicy bass hits and flipped dial tone and phone accents. It’s definitely one you’ve just gotta hear to believe, much like the next track, and my personal favorite “Ascension.” In my opinion the masterfully layered waving bass lines makes for a delightful summary of MeSo’s brand. “Awakening” is up next. Another collaboration, this time with MOLOKAI, and it is another priceless example of the beauty we can expect from both producers now and in the future. The final song on the album, entitled “Renewed,” calms and closes the energy of the album nicely and leaves you wanting more!


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The album marks the two year anniversary of Spicy Bois, so huge shout out to all of their success leading up to this and to their continued success moving forward!

If you’ve been trying to catch some of their streams, many of them are playing WTF’s THAT VIRTUAL MASSIVE which is going on now and continuing through May 10th so be sure to check that out if you can! I hope you enjoyed the album as much as I did, thanks for reading!


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