San Antonio mastermind, Blaize and veteran banger creator Jayceeoh team up on this INSANE new track, “Showtime.” The track is out now on Kayzo’s label Welcome Records. This one should probably come with a warning label though, cause you’re gonna wanna break some shit!


“Showtime” starts with a WWE style intro to bring our two champions in for the Hell in a Cell matchup. Establishing the hype right out the gate, the track quickly builds to flip into a FILTHY heavy hitting drop. The track maintains its madness level throughout with all the craziness added on top. A track that easily challenges all the headbangers out there to demolish the rail at their next show or fest. Make sure you properly hydrate afterwards with a glass of some high quality H2O though because this one WILL take ALL your energy.   

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Posted by:Daniel Wolfrum

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