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Ravenscoon‘s Return of the Downtempo Adventure is a mix that feels more like a saga of sound. It was released about a month ago by Ravenscoon aka Paul Conversano from San Francisco. If you’ve been curious about downtempo but haven’t been sure how to explore it, this mix can provide you the opportunity you were hoping for and more.

The mix starts with a powerful message many of us can relate to. Being “locked in a box” of our own homes, but it’s coupled with the comforting words of Alan Watts – “The Dream of Life.” The mix is stuffed full of many samples and lyrical vocals of hits from the last couple decades (and beyond) including artists like Gucci Mane, Trillville, Sean Paul and many others played, mixed and blended with a whole new feel. Paul does a notable job channeling influences of all kinds into his own music and mixes, in this one you’ll hear everything from soundtracks to a relatable clip from a film.

If you haven’t gotten the chance to check this mix out, it is a must. But also you’ll have the very unique opportunity to watch a ONE TIME PERFORMANCE streamed live on Ravenscoon’s Twitch channel, on Wednesday May 15th, and having the amazing Denver based visualist Pickles perform. Pickles (aka Jordan Leonard) is a VJ, stage designer, project manager and founder of Mount NeveRest a burning man bound sound camp, who also produced an immersive visual experience to be perfectly tuned to the mix!

“This is the last livestream that I will be doing for the forseeable future and will only happen once…”

stills of Pickles’s work from Ravenscoon Twitter & Facebook

Ravenscoon has performed many streams this quarantine including Harmony, Couchfest, & Sofa Sessions, so if you’ve missed those now if your last chance! If you enjoyed the mix there are 4 prior volumes of downtempo adventures available on his Soundcloud along with a plethora of other music and mixes!

BE SURE to also check out his latest EP MIND released a few weeks ago and if you enjoyed Ravenscoon enough please support by buying anything from stickers to hoodies from the shop linked below. Everything helps!

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