Written by Sina Watson

Sofi Tukker and Gorgon City are known for delivering catchy and rhythmic tunes perfect for the dance floor. Their latest collaboration “House Arrest,” is no different, except the dance floor is no longer inside a club, but our own homes. Inspired by her own 2 month stay at home after Sophie broke her leg on stage playing for Groovin The Moo festival in Australia, the tracks release came as a “happy accident” to coincide with the global stay at home.

“House Arrest,” sultry vocals entice the listener to wear their “sunday best,” and join them on the living room floor. Although the track was originally a metaphor for Sophie’s down time for her broken leg, the lyrics hit hard for everyone right now. I think this verse is worth noting from a mental health and safety standpoint. The last two lines are a reminder that right now is only temporary and by staying inside were helping prepare for whats next.

“I decided not to leave my house and go outside
I held myself sweetly, made myself a lullaby
This won’t last forever, treat your sadness with a smile
We can’t have what’s next till we hang inside for a while”

Both artist have been making the most of their house arrests with Gorgon City participating in multiple live-streams and virtual festivals. Sofi Tukker has been absolutely owning Twitch with their daily live-stream at 1pm EST for the last 67 days. My personal favorite has been their 90s/throwback sets. For the track’s global premiere they put together a special live-stream event.

The artists collected video footage of their fans dancing during their “house arrest,” to be included in the official video. When we look back at the year 2020 and dance music, “House Arrest” will be one of those historic tracks that everyone can relate to.  Sofi Tukker and Gorgon City truly came together to showcase the power of dance music during and otherwise unlikely circumstance.


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Connect with Gorgon City

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Posted by:Sina Watson

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