Starting out strong, a mysterious modulated sounding sitar sets the tone of what’s to come. A vocal sample sneaks in on top of the build up and ends with “Let’s fucking go,” and from there the track never looks backwards. Before the neck-break inducing drop, the track at least has the decency to apologize to us; not – just kidding.  This track was definitely created to make people move and I can envision it doing just that. Check it out for yourself below though!

S.i.N or ‘Sorry Im Not.’ Is a 27 year old bass music producer from LA. He rocks the name Sorry Im Not, because

“Anyone out there doing any type of creative work will be told numerous times along the way that their dreams are too far-fetched, out of reach, impossible, etc. I’ve always believed that you must disregard the nay-sayers & do whatever it is that makes you happy, regardless of what anyone else thinks!”


Image taken from S.i.N Facebook

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Posted by:Daniel Wolfrum

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