Written by Erik Gonzalez

Two of music industry’s most talented and beloved artists, ZHU and Tinashe, have collided forces for one of the most intoxicating tracks of the year by far. “ONLY,” released via Zhumusic, instantly captivates listeners with a sensual R&B and Deep House atmosphere that flows so smoothly together. The transition from ZHU’s vocals to Tinashe‘s is a perfect depiction of how both artists and their unique sounds can beautifully merge to design such a hypnotically fueled track you’ll want to keep on repeat.

To add to the mastery behind this project, the producer/singer ZHU also created a video alongside the help of powerful LA-based director Jack Murgatroyd. The masterpiece draws inspiration from society’s current situation revolving around social distancing. According to The Fader, (link here), Murgatroyd discussed in an email how the video was a “creative approach to exploring those emotions, our abstract way of trying to tap into our feelings of isolation and redundancy.” Watch the video below if you haven’t, and be sure to listen/download via other streaming portals here!

Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Posted by:Erik Gonzalez

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