Guest Article written by: Mango

It’s no surprise that girls are finally pushing their way to the light in the electronic scene. From artists to executives, women have been making many power moves in the industry. It was only a matter of time before one strong-minded woman put together an idea to bring the gang all together.

JEANIE is a music producer and DJ from New York who created the GRL Gang collective “to unite females and non-binary individuals within the music industry and create a sense of community.“ 

If you’ve been paying attention to JEANIE, she’s been crushing! Not only did she create a Discord community for GRL GANG to connect in different channels based on different talents they bring to the industry, but she also launched a Twitch channel giving the DJs and producers of the GRL GANG a platform to perform in the times we’re all at home hanging in the house.

As a member of the GRL Gang community, you can find comfort in just about any topic you can think of. Help with producing, sample selection, live stream questions, mental health safe places, pretty much everything. The music is the important part, the music is what gets us all together. But being a woman in a highly male dominated industry, it can start to get intimidating. Knowing there’s a safe place with others alike who share the same passion you do fills you with a special kind of confidence.

GRL Gang has slowly developed as more than  a collective but as a brand inside itself. GRL Gang is more than just a discord server, but an actual safe space for females and non-binaries. I think the special thing about the collective is the confidence it has given so many DJs and producers. Also allowing them to work together, when before it wouldn’t be very likely their paths would even cross. 

Creative ideas like GRL Gang and crazy executors like JEANIE keep the industry fresh and exciting. We hope to see more from GRL Gang in the future. Live events, workshops, in-person meetups and merch are all some things we can hope to see from GRL Gang once we get back into the swing of shows and meetup life. 

Be sure to check out GRL Gang on social media, and don’t miss the next live stream! 

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Posted by:Victoria Garces

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