Written by Victoria Garces

The UK producer Hukae is back on Never Say Die: Black Label with his sophomore EP, ‘KILLJOY’. After entering 2020 with banger ‘Dirty Talk‘, the producer shows the he is all gas and no breaks for the rest of the year.

Being the EP title track, the way Hukae wrote this one is very well executed. The track ‘Killjoy‘ starts off with a happy, lofi ballad before this angry, thiccc drop comes into play. Hukae sets the tone for the EP with this one. You can hear the ballad being hinted throughout the chunky laser synths and heavy rhythms. Hukae‘s talent for making unique synths and percussion that’s otherworldly has definitely put him in the front-line of rising dubstep producers.

Premiering on FUXWITHIT, ‘Static‘ has this rough,underground grunge vibe that I really dig. Starting off with a mellow synth vibe that turns into a head-bopping UK riddim groove. Hukae‘s flow whether they be melodic or heavy are truly iconic and open up a different world of sound design. This track almost didn’t come to be but with us being stuck at home Hukae decided to revisit this project 6 months later and put it on ‘KILLJOY’.

It’s ironic because this song has actually been on a hiatus for nearly 6 months now and had no motivation to finish this until now. Its strange how in a time like this motivation for me is the highest its ever been and I hope anyone that doesn’t have much motivation right now finds some too.

-from Hukae’s Soundcloud

The only collab on the EP is with LA based producer JOOL, another native to the Black Label family. The two come together for a middle eastern inspired track with chilling vocals. ‘Vonzo‘ has its heavy bass and synths blended incredibly between the two, showing both sides of each producers unique skills.

Rounding out the EP, ‘Salt Smash‘ is track that is to be taken as such… with a grain of salt. Hukae expresses that in his productions he uses granular synthesis and shows it off, hence the title. Taking a ‘Castlevania’ sample, he brought a bit of it into the track, you can hear a glitched out melody in the break. He even made up a little dance to the wonky bass tune.


Hukae has been on my radar ever since my ears got blessed with his track ‘Devour’ on Bassweight Records. If he’s not on yours, get him on it and follow his journey. Check out a bit more of his taste in his 2020 showcase!


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Posted by:Victoria Garces

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