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Wonderfully wonky and whimsically wobbly perfectly describe the powerhouse that is Subcarbon Records‘ new compilation Loud Speaker, Vol. 2.  Founded by the Belgium-based power duo Ganja White Night, Subcarbon has been a powerhouse in the wobbly dubstep scene for over a decade now.

Boasting a whopping 19 tracks (which includes 2 new GWN VIPs), this thing packs a punch.  While this year has been hit hard in terms of live music, the constant releases we’ve seen in the last few months have NOT stopped.  This new album has a lot of competition, but it’s quickly rising to be one of my favorite releases of this year.

The album gets off to a running start with “Vibes” from Austin’s own The Widdler and it sets up the rest of the tracks just right right.  With a super bouncy beat and catchy hook, “Vibes” is the perfect track that sets up the journey you will embark on for the rest of this album.

Turnion Sound takes the vibe in a deeper, darker tone with the next track “Flex Technique”. This Minnesota trio usually graces the likes of Truth’s label Deep Dark & Dangerous. They blend their deeper dub sounds with a more wobbly feel which fits right into this album.

Next we hit Ganja White Night’s first VIP of the album with “Ganja Dub VIP”. The crazy Belgium duo proves they are among the best in the genre time and time again. “Ganja Dub VIP” just continues to prove that fact with a fast paced and hard hitting song that is bound to be a festival favorite.

Photo Taken from SubCarbon Records

Dirt Monkey has one of my favorite sounds of the wonky dubstep artists in the last few years. It’s almost impossible to not have a huge smile when you listen to his tracks and “Mucking Funkey” delivers yet again. Just a super fun track that’ll have you bouncing along.

“Dubstep Forever” by Shank Aaron is more a personal statement that this genre is not going anywhere. It’s definitely a more subdued style that still has it’s big sound moments, but not overly heavy. It’ll womp it’s way into your heart in no time though!

Bukez Finezt is up next with “Beautiful Groove” and it absolutely hits the mark with that groove. It starts off almost sounding like a DnB track but then transitions into the wobbly wubs beautifully. It continues with a smattering of great vocal tracks and FX that give it the unmistakable groove that it’s named after.

The next track is probably one of my favorites from this entire album. Psymbionic hits hard with a hard rock inspired and heavy sound in “Bonkers”. That’s the perfect word to describe this track. A cerebral trip with a unique bass line that takes sound design to the next level, Psymbionic helps set up the tone for the rest of the album.

Computa continues to shape up the heavier side of this album with “Whisper”. This is your more traditional headbanger track that will make you go wild on the dance floor or push you through your workout. This is one of those tracks you just crank up in your car alone while waiting in the drive through and people just give you weird stares, but you don’t care because you’re rocking out.

A lovely flow and heavy bass are the things that make “Burn it Up” a great addition to this album. Brainrack hits all the right notes with a great call-and-response style to his drop. It flows like a conversation and carries that flow through to the end of the song.

Just like with Psymbionic, Devious hits us with another track that has roots in heavy metal and a hard rocking intro with “Devious”. I picture myself driving down an empty highway as I rock out to this track. It’s one of those you tracks you catch yourself coming back to over and over again. It fits right in with this heavier part of the album and is in the perfect place.

If Shakespeare was a master wordsmith, Utah based producer Shkspr is a soundsmith and master of sound design. There is definitely Much Ado about “Wonk Bros (ft. Olrec)” with its catchy driving bass and melody that is sure to get you through any Midsummer Night’s Dream. You won’t find any Comedy of Errors in his track its well crafted design.

“Lya” by Matt Doe is one of the more Trap-influenced tracks on this album. It’s a fantastic palette cleanser that serves as a good breather from the heavier portion of the album. Fantastic vocals that helps form an emotional journey that fans will surely love while still offering that wonky signature.

Stratus is a SubCarbon vet that’s made appearances on other compilations and his track “Holler” cranks up the stank. If “Lya” was a nice breather for the album, “Holler” is like a free-fall back into the hard wubs that I’ve grown so fond of through this album. If you don’t listen to this song with full bass-face, I don’t trust you as a person.

Walter Wilde and Izzy Vadim team up as one of the few colabs that grace this album with “Mr. Big”. This track definitely lives up to it’s name with it’s fat bassline and big wonky sounds. “Mr. Big” brings us back to the weebly wobblies as we start to round the corner towards the end of the album and gives us a good transition to the later tracks.

Their second VIP on the album, “Ferity VIP”, lets us see Ganja White Night‘s harder side. The main drop hits hard with bass and a chorus of epic strings. It’s like being slapped in the face by Hans Zimmer with a tricked out Serum wavetable. I do love this kind of darker track of theirs. It’s a bit of a different sound then they typically make. But that’s where innovation is born from!

Another dynamic duo track in the final stretch of this slappy album is “Dangdoe” by Matt Doe and Mike Danglez. Matt Doe is able to show off his heavier chops alongside Mike Danglez in this track and gives a good boost of energy to help cap off the rest of the hard hitting tracks. I caught myself saying “Dang doe” during this track as it blasted me away.

“Space Noodles” is another one of my favorites off this album. Not just because I love the name of the song, but because Izzy Vadim built such a crazy dynamic between soulful almost reggae feel that moves into a deep tooth shaking drop. The deep wubby bass is like a brain massage and I love every second of it.

They definitely saved some of the best and wildest sounds for last on this album. Notixx takes us on a deep and wild journey with “Nowhere to Go” as it brings back the heavy just one more time. What feels like the crescendo of an epic battle score, this track takes us for a ride through sound. It has this constant build up feeling that pays off with a very satisfying sound design. I also love this track very much (seems to be a theme amiright?)

Last but certainly not least is a Trillvo favorite Blunts & Blondes along with B√†wldy in “Let U Know”. This is a perfect night cap at the end of a wild album full of hard and heavy. It eases you out of the hard and heavy sounds that filled this album in the most perfect and satisfying way. “Let U Know” feels like being tucked into bed after a long day of work and is a perfect bookend to a fantastic album.

Whew lad. This album was definitely a doozy and will be on my repeat list for some time to come. It definitely has something for fans of everything. If you like hard and heavy, you’re covered. Like trap? Even has some of that. And of course it’s got wubs for days as is expected out of any SubCarbon release. You’ll be hard pressed to not find a track you like out of this beast of a compilation.

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