Prepare yourself for the journey that is “Get Crazy,” out now on Wakaan.

With two free form deities coming together, this one was guaranteed to be a groove already out the gate. They journey Jantsen and Mersiv take us on with their production level was quite needed. In a world of short attention spans, the expertise and precision of their execution to hold the listener for the entirety of the track is quite admirable. I was never bored with it and was happy to jump aboard this free form adventure.

jantsenmusic · Jantsen & Mersiv – Get Crazy

Starting with an alarm, the track teases us with the sound of the impending madness to come. A vocal sample starts out low and slow and is steadily built up to the drop, where their message of “Get Crazy” becomes full realized. The drop that ensues pieces the track together one wub at a time, with each one making you think how hard can one track make you actually go?!

Well listen and find out for yourself!


Photo by [₳M₱]

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Image from Mersiv Facebook

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Posted by:Daniel Wolfrum

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