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Deadbeats newest addition, CHOMPPA, is all bark and ALL bite with his debut EP: FLABBERGAST. His sound hits hard and is a fresh take on the ever evolving dubstep scene. What’s felt like ages, dubstep has had it’s ebbs and flows in the different sound designs, but has felt stagnant as of late. CHOMPPA breaks away and stands out as a new take on this always dynamic genre.

The three-track EP is a testament to that fresh take. He takes you on a melodic roller-coaster with face-smashing bass overlaid with catchy melodies. I honestly can’t get enough of this EP and find myself finding something new on each listen.

Photo From CHOMPPA Mgmt

The energy starts high with the first track, “Devil Dance” which has a wonderfully dark and sinister drop and wastes no time getting right into the action. The progression in this track is what I feel makes it a true standout. It hypes you up from the start and adds more and more layers as you move through the verse and build up until you get to the payoff in the drop. It has some of my favorite sound design I’ve heard out of up and coming producers that just fits so well with the rest of the track. I’ve always been a huge fan when producers use negative space as an element in their drops and CHOMPPA executes that beautifully in “Devil Dance”.

The second track “Bloq” continues to ramp up the energy and feels right at place with the whole album. It jumps right into the action with that first “BWAAA” as soon as you hit play and that high energy persists throughout the whole track. The melody hooks you in immediately and serves as a perfect vehicle that helps drive the sound. Just as you get start to get comfortable with the direction the song is heading, the drop immediately shifts gears and hits you out of nowhere. This transitional shift is masterfully done and blends the wonky bass-line with a sustained sub that just gets the heart pounding.

Photo From CHOMPPA Mgmt

Finally, we have the titular “Flabbergast” as the anchor of this EP coming in last. As anchor, it doesn’t just put a bow on this package, but kicks the whole box into orbit. When I tell you this track is a heater, I’m talking about a six city block fireball that leaves no traces behind. This thing has gas and just drives the point home in a BIG way. A collaborative track with producer CVPTVGON, the way these two producers feed off each others energy is infectious. It rightfully serves as the crown jewel of this whole EP and is a masterclass in both collaboration and sound design. Just a straight up banger from start to finish, this track will make some serious waves as festival season starts ramping back up. I for one cannot wait to hear this thing play out live in front of a huge crowd and listen to them go buck wild.

Every so often, you hear a sound or a musician that you just KNOW will be something big. CHOMPPA is one of those musicians by far and I cannot wait to see how far his career takes off. I’ve been lucky enough to catch this wave before he really takes off in a big way (hello hipster cred) and I’m truly excited to be a part of that journey. This is one artist you’ll want to take a bite out of and savor because I can only see him getting bigger and better as time goes on.

Photo From CHOMPPA Mgmt


Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram


Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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