Moore Kismet’s first original of 2020 is OUT NOW via Never Say Die, teaming up with their mother, or “Mama Kismet” on this one, it holds a special place in their discography.

Writing “Flair” was such an incredible experience…of course its writing a track with my freakin Mom, whose had a deep rooted history in the music industry and song writing, for god knows how long before I was even conceived. So being able to write this, share it with her, her give me feedback, advice on it, everything, even if what she did on the track is minimal it still shaped it in such a major way.  I’m so glad to finally get it out now and share it cause its only the first piece of a much larger story that I am very very excited to tell in the not so distant future!

Moore Kismet · Flair (feat. Momma Kismet) [UKF Premiere]

Starting off with true simplistic beauty the track lightly builds up with some soft piano notes being plucked at gracefully. A vocal is teased in the background to introduce the drums and melody together majestically to build up to the drop. Here Momma Kismet’s vocals are chopped up to fit the groove and beauty that is “Flair.” The second drop was a particular favorite as Moore Kismet continues to showcase the advancement of not just their own music, but where the future of electronic music can move to.

Be sure to let the track completely play out for a special message from Moore to their Mother at the end.


photo by [₳M₱]

Moore Kismet

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Posted by:Daniel Wolfrum

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