Written by: Michael Placencia

It’s been a long time coming, but we’ve finally arrived at the final 444 EP of i_o’s 444 project. This one’s the most emotional of them all. Having Lights on the entire EP was most certainly a great choice, because her voice shines through so well. “Annihilation” is definitely the standout hit, as the lyrics really hit home for anyone who’s ever been lovestruck. “Run” takes a different turn, but it’s one of emotional depth. Lights’ voice really grabs your attention with those catchy lyrics. The buildup for this track is great, and it releases into a nice Techno payoff.

Photo Cred: freshmusicfreaks.com

“Drift Away” evokes that classic deadmau5 sound we all know and love. The song itself coasts for the most part, and heads straight towards a blissful peak. It’s driving music at its best. Last but not least, “Epilogue” closes out this 444 journey with those beautiful signature plucks that’ll make any mau5 fan happy. The Progressive House melody that runs through the track will hook you and give off the best of vibes.

The 444 project has been an interesting one to follow over the last 6 months, and we’re curious to see what i_o has up his sleeve next. Whether it’s more dark sounding Techno, foot-shuffling House, or Progressive vibes like these, we’re all ears.

For more i_o and Lights, follow them on their socials below:

i_o Soundcloud|i_o Twitter|i_o Instagram

Lights Soundcloud|Lights Official Website|Lights Twitter

Posted by:michaelplacencia

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