Written by Sina Watson

The LA producer Josh Taylor is most notable for his releases on Justin Jay‘s Fantastic Voyage Label with “Let Go,” and “What Do You Want,” gathering over 9 million listens on Spotify. It’s been quite a while since we’ve heard from Josh, but he has a lot to say in his latest track.

“Talk” is reminiscent of Jack Johnson with its laid back vibes, but its message its powerful. The track touches on the importance of taking the first step in having uncomfortable, but necessary conversations. Although he wrote the song a while ago, its relevance to today is evident in its lyrics. According to Josh’s Instagram,

Talk is a song about opening up channels of communication. I wrote it a while back, not with current events in mind, but the message feels pretty appropriate and relevant to today. Talking (and listening, which is something I’m not nearly as good at) is just the first step, but it’s an important one.
I haven’t released a song on my own in a while, so I’m happy to just get something out there. Have a bunch more to come.”

I myself have been super overwhelmed with the events in the last few weeks and have felt myself checking out. But, like the song suggests, we all have a lot of talking to do to work through everything.

Taken from Josh Taylor Facebook

Josh Taylor’s forthcoming album, Breakfast In Bed is set to release later this year on Justin‘s label Fantastic Tapes with the help of fellow friends and FV artists Benny Bridges, Danny Goliger, and Justin himself.

Connect with Josh Taylor

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Posted by:Sina Watson

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