Article Written by Nathen Lane

Texas Native, Adam Jamsheedi, aka ADVM STONE, has released yet another WHOPPING single, “The Acolyte,” that came out on the sixth of June.

The song starts off with massive bass kicks and Adam’s very own vocals; to be met with a very eerie set of sounds that draws the listeners ears closer. I really liked the track knowing that Adam did the vocals and the beats from scratch. Any form of art comes with progress. Everyone has to start somewhere and frankly; Adam has been crushing it behind the decks! When I found out he has been producing music; I was instantly intrigued.

Nothing is better than knowing, “I made that.. I made that sh*t.” As a listener of eerie noises of all sorts; I was very excited to hear this when it got released. The massive rush of rage and emotions as we get closer and closer to the drop draws me in even more. It makes me want to jump in the pit…eventually, post-pandemia of course. Overall, “The Acolyte,” was a meticulous song with blood, sweat, tears, and a little yelling, to create the track as we know it.

If you don’t know whom ADVM STONE is, I highly recommend looking up his music, as he’s done a collaboration with Code: Pandorum that has been rinsed by iconic artists such as Marauda, Crows Nest (Code: Pandorum’s Label), and many more. Not to mention Adam has opened up for more heavy bass artists than I can mention here; including some major events that take place all over Texas such as GRiMEFEST. If you like tear-out and eerie dubstep that comes to your house and eats your soul in the nicest way possible, then I highly suggest keeping an eye out for Advm Stvne. With endless ideas up his sleeve; the world awaits as the nefarious Advm Stvne will rise up and show the listeners what he’s been cooking up in the studio.

Be sure to preview ADVM STONE‘s latest release,”The Acolyte,” down below if you haven’t done so already!


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Posted by:Nathen Lane, TRILLVO

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