Written by Erik Gonzalez

One of last years most memorable sets during Dreamstate’s SoCal festival was Ophelia Records Label owner Jeff Montalvo (aka Seven Lions) and Psy-Trance group Dimibo joining forces to debut their freshest project, Abraxis. The trio has been taking us on what’s been a phenomenal psychedelic journey worth diving into. Each have been dropping snippets of their recent release, “Half Of It”, within the last couple of weeks, including their Amygdala Mix. (Listen Here).

Just this past Friday Abraxis closed out Jeff’s Twitch newest mini-fests called Visions, and dropped beautifully dropped “Half of It” into their set. The mind-bending single starts with a melodic beat that eventually layers into a a funky baseline towards each build-up. The evoking riffs and emotive lyrics like “Keep a place for my heart even when it’s in flames…Cause how I want you is real enough to keep you. If you only knew the half of it..” fuels the track into a heavy styled tempo that draws attention to the groups progressive sound within both the bass and psychedelic trance soundscapes.

The group’s cutting edge work continues to keep fans, like myself, ready for what they have in store for these upcoming months. In an interview with edm.com, the producers were asked about other upcoming releases to which they responded “We have a song called “Black Rainbow” coming soon that delves into the backstory of Abraxis and furthers the lore of the institute.” The institute being a movement where selected individuals will earn membership and receive first invitations to all teachings, ceremonies and rituals. Be sure to listen to “Half of It” below through the Soundcloud link below or through these streaming portals ASAP!

Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Posted by:Erik Gonzalez

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