By Bryanna Capoy

  Coming hot off the heels of his latest track, “Showtime,” with Jayceeoh on Welcome Records, Blaize keeps the family vibes strong with latest release, Clique Ep out now on Buygore. Not only does every track feature vocals by Blaize, every track on the EP is also a collaboration with a friend of his. 

When we asked him about it, he had this to say 

Gotta bring the squad up with me! That’s why there were no solo tracks. I’ve always enjoyed helping people out when I can. So when Buygore asked me for an EP, I knew I had a good opportunity to show off some homies who I believe in.



The first track, and my personal favorite off the EP, starts off with an ominous tone mixed with a simple mystical chant in the back to build up the anticipation. Following it up is an upbeat kick building up to a drop that will take headbangers up, down, sideways and in all types of directions like the Willy Wonka Glass Elevator. I couldn’t help but to get up and headbang to each hit of the bass on this collab with Daze OFF.


“Sheep,” a team up with Pyro and HAY!, definitely gives me a boast of energy to go hit a hardcore workout at the gym. After the build up I feel as if I’m playing an old-school Super Mario Bros game mixed with some super serious trap vibes.


“Coffin” features Trillvo family member Madreckless, out of Florida, who makes his Buygore debut. The track gives off that dangerous but fun vibe to it with sirens and gunshots thrown in the mix of the different array of sounds. A definite headbanger and rail-breakers delight.


“Boom Boom” a collab with Soundwreck, who we just interviewed, closes out the EP’s vigorous output. The intro build up sounds like an anthem to a night of purging. Caution on the drop though: you might get locked in a permanent bass face the entirety of the track. “Boom Boom” definitely made my head do exactly that to the beat of the words.

The whole EP was a hit. Blaize’s ability to collab with his friends, and give them each a platform to showcase a taste of their own unique styles, only adds to how dope the EP really is. For sure check it out now!

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