Written by Victoria Garces

The UK trio known as Gentlemens Club keeps the ball rolling, as they release this UK Bassline track “What You Want” on a familiar home CruCast.

As the Gentlemens Club project grows and grows, the trio looks to other genres to bring out their creative selves. You may be more familiar with their tracks like “Rough Rider” or “Little John” which has more of the hybrid and dubstep sound, but this is a groovy one. “What You Know” brings out more of the House UK vibes. Its heavy bassline and synths get you grooving no matter where you’re at.

TRILLVO: Thank you for joining us and taking some time out to answer some questions! This new single, “What You Want” is out now with UK forefront label, CruCast, and it’s a vibe! It’s very housey and groovy. What pushed you guys to flow in this direction compared to more of your UK Dub style? 

GC: We were fans of Bassline music long before we started producing. Listening to the likes of TRC, Burgaboy, Piddy Py and absolutely rinsing the EJucation mix series by DJ EJ. It was a natural progression for us to create Bassline. We enjoy too many genres to confine ourselves to just one, so our goal in 2020 is to really open the doors and create what ever we feel! “What You Want” is our first solo Bassline song under the Gentlemens Club imprint and it was a great introduction into the Bassline world!

TRILLVO: Tell us about your long lasting relationship with CruCast. They’ve been right alongside y’all since the XX92 days!

GC: Crucast have always welcomed our music with open arms and have been a great home for our music, we’re really excited to work more with them in the future!

TRILLVO: As the world is still moving forward with everything happening, I hope you guys have been doing okay mentally during this wild time right now. How’s the quarantine life been for you guys and how have you adapted your workflow?

GC: Quarantine has been a rollercoaster of emotions for us, but the glory of a trio is we can rely on each other and keep ourselves grounded. We have really knuckled down during quarantine and produced some of our most versatile and best productions to date. 

TRILLVO: What habits or skills have you learned during this time in quarantine?

GC: Take plenty of breaks, it’s essential. If something isn’t working, walk away and revisit when you’re ready.

TRILLVO: With quarantine, producers have been cranking out tracks and with that, spotlight has been shining on some faces. Do you have any up and coming producers we should have on our radar? What about their sound design draws you in? 

GC: Not necessarily an up and comer but Zero is the absolute don at the moment. His production quality is unmatched and he’s a top geezer as well.

We also love Cajama. He has his signature sound and never fails to nail out bangers. 

TRILLVO: Dream collabs? (Dead or Alive)

GC: Young Thug, Lil Uzi Vert, J Hus

TRILLVO: What can we expect from Gentlemens Club in the future? Any collabs in the works?

GC: LOTS of music, including collabs… we can’t mention names right now but we have some big ones in the pipe line.

With the world getting pulled in multiple directions, its great to see artists make the best of their time and still thriving through it.


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Posted by:Victoria Garces

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