We would like to take you up north across the border and introduce you to Eyelander. A prominent up-and-coming producer hailing out of the Canadian province of Calgary, Alberta. He has been making a name for himself in the scene up there the past few years, having done direct support for Rusko, Hydraulix  and just about every other headliner that comes to his town.

Were more than proud to be able to premiere his latest track “Breathe,” which will be available for full release tomorrow,  June 26, 2020.

Starting out with a surrounding and ever encompassing tone the feeling of being underwater is quickly felt. The vocals swiftly draw you into the majesty of the buildup. It is as if watching a single air bubble slowly rises to the top of the surface and you can see the sun glistening through the waves. That bubble bursts with all the intensity of the ocean at the drop though. You can imagine someone swimming against the strong sea current fighting to reach the surface and not be weighed down into the deep depths. The track does a great job of intertwining the beauty of the vocal with the filth of the drop to create a encouraging tone.

When asked what the track meant to him, the producer had this to say:

The idea for breathe came from me feeling very overwhelmed by everything happening in the world right now. I’ve felt so much stress over the past couple months, as I feel everyone probably has. Its been a reminder for me that sometimes you can only do so much. And as tough as things get sometimes we all just need a minute to step back, take some deep breaths and try our best to keep on keeping on.


We look forward to hearing what Eyelander creates next, so be sure to follow him so you can hear it too!

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Posted by:Daniel Wolfrum

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