I first heard the title track “Forgotten” by Aspn about three days ago, and was instantly hooked. Not only did the simple, yet beautiful, melody draw in my curiosities but the accompanying video catapulted them ten fold. The video was made entirely in the Unreal Engine, a familiar name to any gamer, by the producer himself. So I decided to reach out to the producer to learn a bit about him and his inspirations behind the work.

TRILLVO: Nice to meet you via the virtual world, can you tell me a bit about yourself?

Aspn: Well I’m 26, originally from Alabama, but I live in LA now. I’ve been in music since I was a kid, both of my parents were music teachers so I was playing piano and heavily involved in band for most of my youth. I was writing classical/orchestral pieces as a teen but then took a break from focusing on music while I pursued my film degree. That’s what my main gig is, but in college I got back into music and got really serious about production in about 2015.

TRILLVO: Was it as much fun as it sounds having two music teachers as parents?

Aspn: Haha it’s definitely a double edged sword. Being a rebellious teen you tend to wanna do something different which is why I left music as a serious outlet for a while. Luckily all of the hours of forced practice as a kid made coming back to it much easier 😅

Plus my parents don’t get EDM which makes it better lol


TRILLVO: Haha for sure, so with the film stuff is that how you got started with the graphic work and using unreal engine?

Aspn: Yea for sure! I wanted to put like spaceships and shit in my films as a kid so I learned basic VFX and those kinds of skills just carried over. Plus YouTube can teach you any technical thing you want to learn these days as long as you have the patience for it.

TRILLVO: So all you graphic work is more self taught than from school then?

Aspn: Yea 100%. I mean I learned a lot about cameras and lighting in school. But everything CG/Unreal Engine I learned from YouTube, forums, and trial and error.

TRILLVO: That’s awesome, YouTube is such an amazing source of knowledge! So for your sound, who are some artists that have had a influence on you?

Aspn: That’s a tough one because I feel like I tend to like certain artists but I don’t necessarily try to sound like them. I just strive to make music as good as what they are making. But from the beginning Daft Punk and deadmau5 were a huge influence. Chris Lake, Pegboard Nerds, Skrillex, and Flux Pavilion are all artists I go back to. I really appreciate different sounds and just the all around skill of being able to make a really good track.


TRILLVO: Yea those ones definitely know their way around a studio. So let’s talk about the EP what was your inspiration for it or what story are you telling?

Aspn: I feel like I’m still trying to find my sound, I really love the aggression that bass music/dubstep has, but I also love the groove and swing of house music. Sonically I want to find the marriage of those two vibes. Bass house in its current form isn’t quite it for me. So for me this EP as a whole is me trying to discover that sound.

As for the message. I kind of feel like this new surge of EDM is a call to our historical roots in a way. Music is ingrained in our DNA, and dancing is part of who we are. I think sometimes we get too caught up in a person or idea and we forget that for most of human existence dance music was just how we connected with each other. We get together, play some rhythms and just dance.

Idk though to some people it’ll probably sound like noise 😂 but that’s ok too.

aspn · Forgotten EP

Be sure to check out the FULL Forgotten EP OUT NOW to join the up-and-coming producers journey into the discovery of his sound. make sure to follow him on all his socials to stay up-to-date with all his upcoming projects too!

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Posted by:Daniel Wolfrum

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