A massively entertaining inaugural 3-day Call of Duty, The Grimefest Games took place over 3 days from June 18-20, 2020. The gaming was paired with a heavy hitting live stream of music broadcasted over on the Grimefest Twitch. Grimefest’s first foray into a mix of gaming and music can be considered a success. While team TrillHawk didn’t even make it past day 1, we still had a blast knowing it was all for a good cause, not to mention we still get to tune in to day 3 and watch the winners.

In its first ever event, Grimefest Games pitted teams of friends and producers versus one another, all listening to the same tunes, and with raising over $1000 for charity in its first event, we’re all excited to see how well the next iteration does.

With artists like Ace Aura, Friendzone, Algo, Skellism, BLVCK JESUS and Symbiotic playing, this wasn’t only something for gamers. The chunes came in full and there were countless IDs played out over the weekend, with a lineup consistent to what you’d see at a 3-day GRIMEFEST. The atmosphere each day from the music and in the chat was reminiscent of just a big ass group of homies hyping each other up, even having a couple of the winners of the tournament in chat listening in. DmitryFPS isn’t just one of the winners, though, he’s been a fan of GRIMEFEST for a while now and tuned into each set over the 3 days, saying he watched every artist.

The tournament itself was enjoyable, and even not making it past day 1 was still a blast knowing I was involved in something good with the boys. Day 2 was easily my favorite day, as I got to watch everybody stomping everybody and trying to keep count of scores. At the end of Day 2, Team Arcturians took the W with just a 4-point lead over the eventual winners, Team French Horn. At the end of day 3, we’d seen the crowning of the 4 top teams, Team French Horn placing first, Team TeamTurians in second, Go Pnik in third, and 40 Oz Cult in fourth. With all 4 players being ranked 1st through 4th in the tournament, it’s no wonder how Team French Horn waltzed their way to the dub and $500 cash prize. Check out their day 3 stream from the perspective of Dmitry!

I got with the man behind the idea, Nicholas Young, to collect his thoughts on the event as a whole. Speaking on how the idea of Grimefest Games came to him, he said,

I had been trying to come up with an idea that was different than just another virtual music festival, being that it’s extremely saturated since the start of Covid. I started to notice that a lot of my music friends and people in music who I wasn’t even friends with game, like lowkey a lot…so I was thinking how can I mesh music and gaming? I got straight to brainstorming, and liked the thought of having some of our favorite underground artists play a mini 3-day virtual fest and combining it with CDL Call of Duty matches. Grimefest has always been for the people and the underground so I reached out to tons of artists and allowed Grimefest fans to also be involved and thought what if i built a music festival around the tournament and then we had the Grimefest Games hahah“.

Even with such a well-thought out idea, though, there will always be hiccups along the way of any event.

“The main obstacles was time and planning and tech issues. This being our first one, I expected a lot of issues but it’s still stressful when they happen. The structure was another thing that was both good and bad, because I always try to do things “different,” I had made a lot of the tournament structure different than the average Call Of Duty tournament. As I learned, that was a horrendous idea. The night of day 1, multiple artists were vocal in their dislike of the planned day 2 structure so I made a snap decision and changed the day 2 structure to make it more appealing to the participants. Grimefest has always been for the people so when more than 2 teams say “we don’t like this and we would prefer this,” I had no choice but to do what the people want. It turned out for the best because day 2 was SOOOOO fun. I will always be open to criticism, change, etc, a major point of gaming and music is to have fun and the point of this event was to raise money for a good cause WHILE having fun. There was a lot of things that need to be fixed for the next event and they WILL be fixed. (I’ve already started planning & prepping for the next Grimefest Games, we are JUST getting started with this series so we have a lot up our sleeves). Also want to shoutout my coworkers, partners, and friends on the Grimefest team and the Nocturnal Waves team, and everyone else who was a part of helping me bring this to fruition! I couldn’t have done it without y’all (you know who you are).

Clearly, Nicholas is passionate about the idea and executing it to his fullest ability, and he’s also confirmed there will be a second iteration of Grimefest Games!

Make sure to follow Nicholas Young and the team over at Grimefest in order to keep up with new announcements, staying up to date with any new live/virtual show news, and get ready for the Grimefest Games: Round 2!

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