Written by: Michael Placencia

20 year-old Australian DJ/Producer Nina Wilson, (aka Ninajirachi) certainly has her own brand of uniqueness. If you love artists like Yaeji or Ducky, you’ll feel right at home with Ninajirachi. She easily sets herself apart from the rest. What with her vocals, production and sheer attention to detail within every track. That’s where Blumiere shines the most. She expertly crafts each track with what seems like a specific vision only she can really see.

Photo courtesy of bandcamp.com

The EP opens up beautifully with the title track, “Blumiere.” May we also mention that the artwork for the EP itself is breathtaking. It would easily make a beautiful painting in any home. “Blumiere” itself is peppered with Ninajirachi’s vocals, beautiful background melodies and a driving electronic beat that has a distinct club sound to it. “Alight” allows Nina’s voice to shine, and it’ll take hold of you and never let go. The lyrics are easily relatable, and hold many truths to it. “Rainbow Train” has to be one of the standouts, simply for how Club heavy it is. Those who love SOPHIE may tend to favor this one. It’s pulsating beats with that wet/echoey effect just make this track all the more favorable. This track also features Coucheron, whom adds that extra flair.

Photo courtesy of acidstag.com

“Cut the Rope” is yet another club banger that features more of Nina’s addicting vocals. It’s the perfect song to dance and lose yourself to. It has those electronic sounds that infuse with deep beats that blend for an energetic force. “Tethered to Body” closes out the EP with Nina’s voice singing a somewhat somber story. It has an interesting theme to it, with a drop that sounds just as weirdly engaging as Ninajirachi’s style. Blumiere is simply a beautifully well-crafted musical painting of truth, love and wonder. I was beyond blown away with this EP, and only crave more. Whatever Ninajirachi does next, we’ll surely be here to listen.

Ninajirachi · Blumiere EP

For more Ninajirachi, follow her on her socials below:

Soundcloud|Official Website|Instagram|Bandcamp



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