New York-based Nikademis adds another flip to his repertoire. This time being the ruinous flip of the massive track that took over the airwaves in 2019, “Losing It” by Fisher. Nikademis‘ flips are a treat and class all their own, but this flip gives us a small taste of the vast new sounds and skills he’s added to his skillset. With the flip getting teased in his sets for a while now, the hype had been built, and it’s exhilarating to finally be able to listen in it’s entirety. Nikademis‘ “Losing It” raises the bar for himself, energizes and engages the listener, and provides a good first foray for anyone new to the aggressive bass, midtempo style of Nikademis.

THE Cardinal rule of bass music: if the songs starts off with a siren, you’re in for a good time. This flip is no exception. From the very beginning, Nikademis turns his energy levels to 9001 and starts all of us in a build-up. With tension set at the start, the aggressiveness of the track is slowly amplified before tossing us into a pit full of the most belligerently in-your-face drop sequences imaginable. It’s not just the tension or the aggressiveness or the lovely combination of both that dominate and own this track, however! The use of the repeating “woo!,” the classic pre-drop “1,2,3,4”, and the risers in the background all mesh together with the edited original vocal to create a full sentence, “(My Mind, I’m) Losing It”.

Make sure to give the madman himself a follow on his socials linked below! Nikademis has been putting out flips over the past couple months and they’ve all been killer, find them on his soundcloud!

Connect with Nikademis

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Posted by:Chase Wilson

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